Voyant Beauty: To Purchase KIK Personal Care

KPC is a North American manufacturing company partner and formulator of personal care, beauty and over-the-counter medicines. It serves global consumers, product companies, and brand owners. KPC’s acquisition will expand Voyant Beauty’s product range, increase its product development, and expand its manufacturing capabilities via 15 facilities across North America and internationally.

“We are thrilled to welcome the KPC team at Voyant. Richard McEvoy, CEO of Voyant Beauty, stated that the two businesses complement each other in many ways and that this combination will be a benefit to our customers in many ways. “In addition to the acquisition of KPC, Voyant’s beauty business will be diversified by adding new customers and product categories, as well as aerosol manufacturing capabilities.

David Stott, Wind Point Partners’ managing director, said, “KPC strengthens Voyant Beauty business as personal and beauty brands continue to value manufacturing partners who bring new and exciting innovations to the table and act as an extension of their supply chains.” This full-service partner in the personal care/beauty industry offers innovative hair, bath, and body care solutions for both established multinationals as well as fast-growing, emerging brands.

Voyant Beauty CEO

Voyant Beauty CEO Richard McEvoy commented, “… Our integrated approach helps brands grow through their product lifecycles. And our innovative responsive solutions help customers get to market faster to meet increasing consumer expectations.

Andrew Davis, Voyant Beauty’s SVP of New Business Development, said, “Voyant will help personal and beauty brands seek out manufacturing partners that bring innovative concepts to the table, and act as an extension to their supply chain.”

Bill Smith, Voyant Beauty’s SVP of Supply Chain, stated, “Voyant integrates network capabilities and enables support to a full breadth in offerings from initial innovation up to full globalisation .”

Voyant Beauty’s VP of innovation, marketing, and strategy, Todd Shea, said that Voyant would approach the beauty sector with innovation at all levels of the company, including how teams are organised, how the supply chain is managed, and the products created.

New investment in best-in-class technology will drive speed-to-market–meaning the best new products get to consumers faster than ever before.”Wind Point Partners and portfolio company Voyant Beauty Holdings, LLC (“Voyant Beauty”), a full-service partner to the personal care and beauty industry, are pleased to announce that they have entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the KIK Personal Care (“KPC”) business from KIK Custom Products (“KIK”).

KPC is a North American manufacturing partner, formulator, and manufacturer of personal care, prestige, and household products. KPC serves global brand owners and asset-light brands. It also supplies the North American hotel sector with a leading supply of personal care amenities.

Leader in value-added manufacturing

Voyant Beauty is a leader in value-added manufacturing of innovative hair, bath, and body products, as well as skin care products for both established and emerging brands. KPC’s acquisition will expand Voyant Beauty’s product range and increase its product development and innovation capabilities. Voyant Beauty will offer customers increased manufacturing capabilities through its 15 North American and international facilities.