Free Printable Colouring Pages for “Beauty and the Beast”

Disney’s classic films have provided beautiful and unique subjects for colouring pages. Online colouring pages often feature characters from movies like Cinderella and Snow White as well as Aladdin, Aladdin, and the Lion King. One of the most popular coloring pages is “Beauty and the Beast”, a 1991 animated film. It is the thirtieth film of the Animated Classic Series by Walt Disney. It was also the first Disney animated film to be adapted into a Broadway musical.

When the live-action Beauty and the Beast movie opens.

Disney invites us all to be their guest in theatres across the country this March when the live-action Beauty and the Beast movie opens. Based on the trailers and photos, it seems that this Disney fan might not last very long.

This animated film is not only one of Disney’s most successful (the animation was amazing, the story compelling and the songs are incredibly catchy), but the live-action version shows you the true beauty of cinema. Look at the bright colors in the town when Gaston gives Belle flowers.

This is a beautiful scene, especially when compared to the more boring appearance of the Beast’s castle and its darker exterior. I anticipate some truly eye-popping scenes, especially when Belle begins to warm up to the Beast.

The movie will be in theaters March 17, 2017. For those who are like me, there is a solution. For those of you who are waiting impatiently for this one, Disney has put together a collection of printable Beauty and the Beast Colouring pages. (PDF). Click the image below to get a zip file containing PDF pages you can print and colour. Let your children colour. Beauty and the Beast will be in theatres next month. This is something I repeat a lot. But I am so excited. Beauty and the Beast is one of my favourite animated films.

Here are some printables you can download from your computer. We love Beauty and the Beast and we have enjoyed colouring pages and activity sheets. These are new printables for the live-action film. Chip and Mrs. Potts were my favourites in the original, and I love this update! These drawings remind me of grown-up colouring books. My tween loves to colour the whole castle cast.

In case you haven’t seen it, we have more official Beauty and the Beast photos! These photos are amazing! These photos are full of Disney magic. It will be amazing to see it all come together in a matter of months. The long wait for Beauty & the Beast is nearly over. *Happy Dance*

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