Beauty Standards of “Beauty Society”

Inspired by the beauty society, I decided to write about it. Growing up, I was surrounded by people who judge others based upon their physical appearance. I know what it is like to be judged based on my appearance. It was not easy growing up in my generation (90-year-old babies), and I’m sure other generations feel the exact same. Growing up is difficult in general.

“Like” My Photo Beauty Society

As I mentioned before, I can eavesdrop on conversations when I’m alone in public places. Although I don’t mean to be rude, if someone is talking loudly next to me while I’m sitting quietly, I can pick up on the conversation. I’ve heard many topics through my listening escapades at the beauty society. The number of likes someone has on their social media photos is one of the most common topics that I hear from teenagers.

“Oh my god, she’s had their photo up for 2 hours and has only gotten 3 likes.”

It’s as if people judge someone’s worth based on how many likes they get. Is it OK to judge someone’s beauty just because they don’t have enough likes on Instagram or Facebook? Is this really the world we live in?

Beauty Society Creeping

Another topic that I am interested in is “creeping,” which the social media generation calls it. It involves looking at someone’s Facebook page, going through their photos and then checking their status updates to see their current activities. This is basically a way of getting into another person’s life without their knowing. The concept of creeping isn’t necessarily harmful.

  • “That is such a horrible picture, why would she upload it?”
  • “Her hair looks terrible in this photo.”
  • “Why wouldn’t she put a filter over this?”
  • “Look at the amount she photo-shopped her image.”
  • “Why is she standing so strangely?” She looks retarded.” (Yes! Someone said that word).
  • These are not real quotes, unfortunately. These are real quotes I have heard many times in my daily life.

What is the real question? Why are people so cruel to others? Is it because no one is good enough to be called beautiful? My theory is that people judge others based on how they look. But I could be wrong and people can be just as cruel.