Baby Changing “Travel Diaper Change Pad”

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My sewing for new babies will continue as I anticipate baby boomers coming out all over the place. One thing I know is that babies poo when they’re not sleeping, feeding, or screaming. My friend who was pregnant showed me her changing Travel diaper change pad and told me how big it is. I don’t need all the bells and whistles, pockets or other things. It should be easy to carry around, yet large enough to hold all your essentials. It needs to have a clean interior surface.

I made one and it turned out great. It is now on its way to a new place. However, I wanted one that was even smaller so I also made another version. Below is the pattern with brief instructions.

Satchel style with handle Travel diaper change pad

The second bag is more open-ended and looser than the first. The bag has a carry handle. The pockets are located at the bottom to make it easier for you to reach them when you have a baby. Because of its lower pockets, it doesn’t close as tightly as option 2. You can choose which one you prefer – both are made with the same pattern. Instructions for both are included in your download.

Check out the size recommendations for the fabric and download the pattern. For the top shaping, assemble the pattern piece. This is the basic template for making your own bias binding tape. If you are using it effectively, you will need approximately 4 yards. It is best to have a little more. Tutorials for making and using bias tape, how to make and change Travel diaper change pad are available on the tutorials page.

Begin by assembling the pockets. Fold the fabric in half and press. Trim the edges of the smaller pieces with your bias tape.

The raw edges of the smaller pieces should be padded with travel diaper change pad. The pocket front is slightly larger so create a small pleat at the bottom. Your pins should be kept away from the edge to allow you to sew past them. Next, add your binding along both the bottom and two long sides. For now, repeat the process for the second pocket.

Your handle should be made. To make four layers, fold the fabric in half along the length. Press the folds. After pressing, fold the edges in half lengthwise. Turn right sides out and stitch 1/4 inch seams at each end. Attach the ends of the strap to the edges.

Place the strap onto your outer fabric using your pattern piece. Place the strap at the bottom of your pattern piece, leaving a gap of 1 inch between each side seam. To hold the pattern piece in place, pin it and then sew a rectangle box measuring 2.5 inches long over the previous lines of stitching. If you’re using fusible fleece, attach it to the outer fabric and then sew on the handle.

For the main body, press the fabrics. The fabrics are unshaped and should be layered before being cut. Place the outside fabric on its side. For a little padding, you can use fusible fleece or low-loft batting. Next, place your inner fabric face-up. Add vinyl to your top layer if you want a wipe-clean finish. You can either use your Wonder Clips to secure the travel diapers, or pin them in place within the seam allowances.