Palomino Travel Trailer: RV – SINCE 1968


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Vern Landey’s Dream

The Palomino Travel Trailer Camping Trailer was built in 1968 as a result of the vision of Mr. Vern Landey. After being a tent trailer distributor for many years, Mr. Landey felt that he could design better quality units than what was currently available to the public. He wanted units that were light and had easy floorplans, at affordable prices. In a small building located in Savage, Minnesota, he began to design and produce Palomino pop-up travel trailer tent trailers.

Landey realized that the Palomino travel trailer was in high demand and that Vanguard Industries would benefit from the move. It seemed natural to move eastward, as most of the industry suppliers and manufacturers are located in Elkhart, Indiana. In 1972, Vanguard Industries moved to Colon, Michigan. He began to set his plans into motion once he arrived in Colon Michigan. He had completed the main production facility by 1973 and Palomino’s travel trailer tent trailers began rolling out within days.

Palomino travel trailer PURCHASED BY FOREST RIVER, INC

1998 saw expansion with an addition of 75,000 square feet. Palomino’s new ultra-lightweight line of travel trailers was possible thanks to this 75,000 sq. ft. production and storage facility. Forest River, Inc. purchased Vanguard in 2002. This enabled rapid growth and introduced two new travel trailers and fifth-wheel lines, the Puma by Palomino and Sabre by Palomino. To house these new products, two 100,000-square foot production facilities were constructed in Goshen.


Berkshire Hathaway acquired Forest River, Inc. and its divisions in the fall 2005. Palomino RV travel trailers are a separate division within Forest River, Inc. and have grown from humble beginnings in Minnesota into one of the top 5 North American RV manufacturers with more than 300 dealers selling, servicing, and representing the Palomino brand.

WHY Palomino travel trailer RV CRAFTSMANSHIP & QUALITY?

Palomino RV travel trailer was relocated to South Western Michigan, in 1972. It is located near the Amish community of Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan. Here integrity, craftsmanship and great work ethics meet. We can design and build RV’s that meet all your requirements, as well as exceed your expectations. Over 200 years combined experience in building high quality RV’s is what our executive management and production management teams bring to the table. Each unit we make and ship is subject to rigorous quality checks and inspections in order to ensure unforgettable camping experiences.


Palomino’s RV design and innovation are key ingredients to our success. It is the details that make Palomino travel vans stand out from the rest and set us apart from the rest. Our goal is to create an RV that functions flawlessly and adds elegance. We are proud of our beautiful residential interiors, our highly engineered construction techniques and our well-planned floorplans that maximize storage space. We have years of experience listening to customers and are certain that we can create a model that exceeds your expectations.