Best Food and Cooking Shows

Five of the Best Food and Cooking Shows You Should Watch During Quarantine

Are you a roommate who tips 20 percent on your roommate for no apparent reason? Do you feel the need to have a booth in a sunroom when there is none? Do you wonder “What is a hobby?” Are you aware that dining out is not an option?

We are in a new world where COVID-19 preventive measures have made foodie culture a restricted area of houses and apartments. Food shows are now the only way to get your restaurant fix. This rich collection of documentaries on food and drinks will make you hungry and excited to return to the culinary kulinarika world.

1. Netflix: Ugly Delicious
This easy-yet-smart video will take you around the globe with David Chang. Each episode features a different culinary concept or dish–such as meats on sticks, curry or fried rice. There’s lots of tasting and conversation with locals, as well as guest stars, to explore the evolution of that food. You can catch Jimmy Kimmel, Bill Simmons and Nick Kroll on the show.

2. Hulu: F*ck, This is Delicious
This Viceland original is now available on Hulu. Action Bronson, a rapper and chef, eats some of the finest food in the world. Action is often paired up with other rappers or famous chefs to create the episodes. No two episodes are the same.

3. Food Lore on HBO
Do you want to try something new? This HBO series is for those who love exotic food and places. This new approach to food television was released in the United States March 2. It features eight episodes that were directed by eight directors from eight countries on the Asian continent. They are all linked by the common theme “food”. You’ll be entertained by every story and will want to plan a trip to Asia.

4. Netflix’s Chef’s Table
This is the ultimate show about food philosophy. Many people love it and have seen it many times. Netflix brings together the best chefs in the world, all in one location: your living room. You can watch episodes of Chef’s Table to get to know the people behind modern cuisine, such as Ana Ros, Grant Achatz and Dan Barber–on an intimate level. Each episode gives a glimpse into the mind of a chef, detailing their rise to the top and the struggles they faced along the way.

5. Jiro Dreams Of Sushi on Netflix
Chef’s Table is the brainchild of David Gelb, a documentary filmmaker. But this film is where it all began. This feature, running 81 minutes, follows Jiroono, an 85-year-old sushi chef at SukiyabashiJiro in Tokyo. It is his quest for culinary perfection. Gelb stated that Chef’s Table episodes were just follow-ups of the original piece. If you want to binge-watch the series, start by starting here.