while living in a “Nomad Travel Trailer”?

How it feels to be a digital nomad?

Our entire life is within 300 square feet. That’s our entire home on wheels. As digital nomads, my husband Connor, and I live in a Nomad travel trailerĀ  with our two dogs Hank and Harlow. We love every moment of it.

We let go of most of our possessions and traded in the routine for spontaneity, adventure and freedom. Our “stuff”, which we had been saving for adventure, was the best thing that we have ever done. We have not looked back.

We’ve come to realize that time is our most valuable gift. We spend our time where it brings us joy, wherever there are epic hikes, tasty queso, or awe-inspiring natural beauty.

Why we chose to live in a Nomad travel caravan?

We ran what felt like a million kilometres per minute before we set out on our Nomad travel trailer journey. We had to work long hours just to make ends meet. Our joy was lost when we fell into the same routine every day.

We finally gave up on boredom and tried something new. We moved into a 300-square-foot trailer in 2019, and continue to travel the U.S. making memories through hikes, sunsets and adventures, rather than endless hours of work.

What are the Pros and Con of Living in a Nomad Travel Trailer?

Campsite Nomad Travel Trailer We love our nomadic lifestyle and believe the Nomad travel trailer has many benefits. However, as with any lifestyle change you might face challenges if your Nomad travel trailer is anything like ours.

  • The pros of living in a Nomad travel caravan
  • Freedom to work from wherever and whenever you like
  • Capability to travel to new places
  • Focus on the joys
  • Have more experiences, less stuff
  • Enjoy new scenery

Being a digital nomad allows you to travel full-time with the freedom it offers. We can take our jobs with us even when we are visiting family. You can focus your energy and time on the things you love, once you have removed the commute and work hours.

Another benefit is that it fuels your wanderlust, and allows you see new places. Our backyard started to change when we realized that we could make our lives more flexible so we could travel wherever we wanted.

The Cons of Living in a Nomad Travel Trailer

  • No permanent address
  • There is less space for large families

Living in tiny spaces is not for everyone. Some people thrive on more space. Because we live in 300-square feet, we are closer than ever before. We also understand that each person needs their own space.

A second reason why people don’t like living in a trailer is because they have larger families, which makes it more difficult to find enough space for everyone. We’ve seen families with more than five family members travel full time. Don’t let this stop you from pursuing your dream.