Immigration Law Trends and Developments

In this day and age one of the most contentious areas of the law involves immigration issues. Through this article you are provided with an overview of trends and developments relating to immigration law at this juncture in time.

The most significant arena in which immigration law trends and developments needs to be considered involves the number of men, women and children who currently are in the United States illegally. While no one really knows for certain, it is estimated that there are at least 12,000,000 people in the United States illegally at this point in time. A considerable percentage of this number of people originally hail from Mexico. However, it is important to keep in mind that there are a considerable number of illegal immigrants within the U.S.A. from other countries as well.

Historically, this is not the first time in the history of the U.S.A. that immigration issues have been on the forefront of the minds of people across the country. However, with that said, the present situation does involve a larger number of illegal immigrants than were under consideration in the past. For example, in the 1980s during the Administration of Ronald Reagan an issue involving immigration law arose involving 3,000,000 illegal immigrants that were said to be living in the country. The Reagan Administration essentially granted to these immigrants amnesty which allowed them to take a course through which they could become legal citizens of the United States.

The debate over how to best handle the 12,000,000 plus illegal immigrants is contentious at this juncture in time. In point of fact, despite this debate being ongoing for a significant period of time, no definitive solution has been reached.

One part of the debate involves the reality that these people in the country illegally are playing a role in the economy of the United States. Business owners have expressed concern that forcing these individuals to leave the country very well could have a significant impact on the economy of the country. This has become a particularly significant serious consideration considering the other problems facing the economy in the United States at this juncture in time.

Another concern that people express when it comes to illegal immigrants in the United States centers on the prospect that some of these individuals in the country illegal could be intent upon doing harm to the country and its people. Terrorism is a major concern in this day and age and it does impact the debate over illegal immigrants.

If you are an individual who has an issue in regard to his or her status in the United States, you do need to understand that there is a growing segment of the bar that is dedicating its practice to immigration law. Therefore, if you are facing the prospect of having to deal with the legality of your own status in the United States – or that of a family member – you will want to engage the services of a skilled and educated lawyer who practices in the area of immigration law to ensure that your own interests are protected today and into the future.



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