This is what “Travel Supreme” can offer

Travel Supreme will give this generation the chance to embrace travel and understand that “age is just another number.” Supreme will be focusing its efforts on the Silent Generation market. The organization will use this niche to promote the active lifestyle, and possibly the silent generation as active grandchildren.

Psychographic Segmentation Psychographic segmentation is a bit more difficult to acquire for organizations because the information cannot simply be recognized via quantifiable or visible data. This information is internal to the consumer and cannot be seen from outside actions. Travel Supreme uses psychographic segmentation to build a consumer persona to connect with potential customers. This market segmentation will help the market team see the world of travel as their customer.

SUPREME 3 to offer a better experience for travelers. Supreme will also benefit from the insights gained through interviews with its loyal customers, as well as web analytics and social media. This will allow them to improve their branding and be able to connect with their customers based on their values, beliefs, and what they care about.

Segmentation by Behavioral Factors

While segmentation can provide a better understanding of the Travel Supremes target customers, it doesn’t necessarily reflect their actual behavior. Travel Supreme will need to know about the daily activities and attitudes of its customers to understand how they view the Travel Supreme brand, promotion campaigns and service.

Travel Supreme: One segment of the behavioral

It will analyze the market’s most relevant features, problems and benefits. Ahmad (2020) states that this data is crucial and “it is essential for organizations to align their process, products, and service to forge strong customer relationships” (para. 5). Travel Supreme is a great company to work with because it will provide the best possible service to customers who value one benefit over the other.


Travel Supreme Market AnalysisTravel offers a unique business model with multiple services depending on your needs and comfort. It is crucial to send the right message to the right market segment with so many services. Advertising that fails to identify the market segment correctly will lead to wasted advertising and insufficient consumer awareness. It is important to not only understand potential customers, but also to understand the competition. Supreme can distinguish itself from the rest by researching the competition and creating messages that are unique in a competitive market. A thorough market analysis allows you to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and opportunities for your business and can help you adjust strategies.