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How Blended Families Survive the Holidays

Holidays should be a time of great family memories and warmth. When families become blended following divorce or remarriage, however, the holiday season can cause many to suffer from unwanted anxiety and stress. Our Washington family law attorneys have provided some helpful tips you may want to consider so you and your family can enjoy the holidays as worry-free as possible.

1. Be Okay With Celebrating Holidays On Different Dates.
When it comes to surviving the holidays in a new family setting, it is important to maintain an open mind. To create a more comfortable atmosphere during the holiday event, ensure that one single day works for every family member or most your family. Remember, it is okay to celebrate a holiday on a different date. The most important thing is being together.

2. Do Not Attempt To Have Control Over Every Interaction.
A new setting can make you feel on edge. For many, this feeling derives from the thought of newer, unfamiliar family members spending quality time each other. However, it is important to let interactions occur naturally. Do not try to involve yourself in every conversation in order to keep any disputes from arising. The more natural the atmosphere feels, the more fun everyone will have and the more comfortable the holiday will be.

3. If You Have Nothing Nice To Say, Don’t Say Anything.
Remember, the key to having a successful holiday is maintaining a positive attitude, especially if you are hosting the holiday gathering. To keep the peace, try not to say anything that could be misinterpreted by another family member and be sensitive to topics of conversation that may make anyone uncomfortable.

4. Create A New Tradition To Bring Everyone Together.
One of the best things a newer, blended family can do to create a more comfortable holiday setting is starting a new tradition. Perhaps your old tradition used to be singing Christmas carols around the tree after opening presents. This could be uncomfortable or even sad after a family change. Change it up to help your blended family bond over a new experience, such as taking an after-dinner stroll to look at Christmas lights and singing carols in your neighborhood instead.

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