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Frankie Beverly Health: I Was Called to Do This

Frankie Beverly Health didn’t know that fifty years ago, he would be singing today. His raspy voice sang chart-topping songs like “Happy Feelings,” “Southern Girl,” “Joy & Pain,” etc. We can’t forget “We Are One”.

When asked about Maze’s longevity, he said that “The way this works is just mind-boggling in what has occurred to me.” It’s a good thing, too, because I was taught to be humbled by my gifts. It’s not me up there. I have good friends and family.

“Happy Feelings” and “We Are One” really describe MAZE. “We Are One” describes the way we feel as a family and in our hearts.


“I thought that we were talented enough to make music. But, we never imagined it would turn out like this.” We are grateful to God for this.

“Longevity can be a gift. This is what I believe I was called to do. This is not something I can do. This gift was given to me by God. I am a writer and have talent. But the only thing that makes our music meaningful is God.

CORRECTION: The Sentinel last week reported on Frankie Beverly Health & Maze’s amazing performance, but incorrectly reported that Frankie Beverly was still recovering from throat cancer. Reve’ Gibson, his publicist, contacted us to clarify the situation and stated that Frankie Beverly had never suffered from throat cancer.

CONCORD (Calif.) — Frankie Beverly Health and Maze performed every song from start-to-finish, making Sunday’s performance at The Chronicle Pavilion — which also featured Kevon Edwards, K-Ci & JoJo — a great show.

Many performers ruin the moment when their greatest hits are performed by giving the microphone to the crowd, even though they were paid $60 to hear them sing it.

It was much more than a good show. There were many veterans who performed strongly. The Pavilion parking lot was filled with BMWs, Lexus sedans, and sport-utility cars. They danced with abandon in the aisles.

Felisia Bailey, 33, from Hayward, Calif. said that “this is one of few shows where people have just stood for the entire show.” She was there with her husband Anthony.

Like Frankie Beverly Health

Many concert goers were over 20 years old and part of a new generation of music lovers who enjoy classic R&B. This was performed by Maze & Levert. The crowd loved rap and what R&B Jodeci, K-Ci’s original band, represented. Levert interrupted his set by singing the chorus to DMX’s “Party Up” and the crowd was able to recognize all the lyrics.