Personal Injury Law

Personal Injury Law in America

In the state of California, personal injury laws affect anyone who is involved in automobile accidents, wrongful deaths, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, catastrophic injuries, nursing home negligence, dog bites, premises liability, pedestrian accidents, and train accidents.

When a person is seriously injured in a vehicle accident, it is often difficult for the injured to get a doctor and heal from the damage. Needless to say, people who are involved with an automobile accident must struggle with insurance agencies trying to convince them that their injury was caused from the accident rather than from some past incident. Where is the time to heal? In the United States, most people who are involved in automotive accidents are taken advantage of by insurance agencies and claim adjusters. Insurance companies are out to make money so they will go to any length to deny a claim. Insurance companies tend to avoid liability. Thus, having a qualified lawyer to represent you is smart in civil law cases or personal injury. Automotive accidents include truck accidents, motorcycle, car, highway accidents, head-on collisions, SUV rollovers, or multi-car wrecks. According to statistics, in 2006 more than 70,000 pedestrians were injured and another 4,800 were killed. While a pedestrian may take precautions to avoid accidents, walkers and joggers are subject to injury or death. Drunk drivers, irresponsible drivers who pay attention to cell phones while driving can injury or kill a pedestrian. Whatever the cause may be it is important to seek personal injury attorneys to represent you in a court of law. Personal injury attorneys will take every step to breakdown a civil case and can offer you professional advice.

Dog bites can lead to personal injury cases as well. According to US studies over 4.6 million people each year suffer from dog bites. Some people have been hospitalized from dog bites while others were nipped. Those who were seriously injured endured deep infections, which caused tissue loss and nerve damage. The cost of medical treatment and medications were no doubt expensive. Thus, the injured either used his or her insurance to pay the bills, or paid out of their own pocket. Either way, this is a person injury case that should be handled by an attorney. Pet owners should be responsible for their animals. Of course animals break lose sometimes and get away, but still, the pet owner should be in more control of their pet.

Around one and half million American people reside in nursing homes. According to the Federal statistic records most nursing homes strive to make money rather than to care for their patients. Many nursing homes will hire a limited number of employees to handle a large group of patients. Some of the people that is hired at the nursing homes do not qualify, lack experience, and training.

If your love one suffers injury or is killed due to neglect from nursing home activities you may be eligible for a civil lawsuit.

Business owners, restaurants, retail stores, theatres, etc are responsible for their businesses and they must keep them maintained at all times. Their locations must be safe for customers and employees. Grocery stores or department stores are responsible for removing any water spills, or other spills. They are also responsible to provide adequate lighting in their parking area. They must also ensure that their doors have sufficient door locks. Some business owners are irresponsible, especially during raining or wintry days. People walk in and out of their stores frequently with wet feet, dragging in snow, mud, or water from the rain. The store managers or staff on duty is responsible for cleaning up the mess. The problem is some business owners neglect their responsibilities, which can lead to personal injury lawsuits. People have walked into grocery stores and have slipped and fell. Some people suffer major injuries while others suffer from emotional threats. Either way, it is up to the store owner to take responsibility for the negligence.

Train accidents to some people fall under automobile accidents. This is not true, someone involved in a train accident can be killed or injured due to derailment, auto-train accidents, train collisions, hazardous material spills, or train-pedestrian accidents can occur.