A Guide to Notary Services

What is a notary public?

Notaries Public are appointed by provincial governments to act as witness officials during signature of documents. Notaries may also serve as official sealers. Notaries can often be found present when signing official documents in order to ensure legality and legitimacy; often being present during signing ceremonies for contracts or any legally binding documents they can serve as witnesses and provide formal seal.

What are notarized documents?

Notaries can sign documents as notaries can provide official stamps and seals that verify authenticity for documents used abroad, typically used to guarantee legitimacy in another country. Before legally signing documents, notaries must inspect them first before using an official seal to sign them – these files of documents viewed or signed can then be made available to the public at large and help you From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia determine if a particular document was signed by one or notaries.

Notaries are typically appointed by their province’s government and made available to individuals at a fee. There may be instances in which you find an official notary who will perform his/her services for free; however, such cases are uncommon.

Notarization of Documents for Use Outside of Canada

If you need documents notarized to be used outside Canada, it is necessary to locate a notary who is licensed for this kind of service. Such notaries tend to be found within major cities.

Canada has several services of government dedicated to notarization services for Canadians who require documents notarized for use outside the country, known collectively as Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada.

Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada generally only offers notarization services to Canadian citizens; otherwise you will need to find an authorized private notary public who offers this kind of service.

Outside Canada, notarizing official documents typically involves sending them via mail or courier directly to a notary public – online notary services typically do not exist as an alternative option. A notary would inspect and notarize the document before sealing or signing it and returning it to whomever requested its notarization.

Notarization of Documents for Use Within Canada

If you need documents notarized in Canada, most major cities offer certified notaries public who are licensed to offer this service.

Do you need to notarize real estate documents?

If you are selling or purchasing property in Canada, certain documents must be certified by a notary. This includes an official purchase agreement as well as mortgage documents.

Who can notarize in Ontario?

Ontario, in Canada’s province of Ontario, allows any licensed lawyer or notary public to offer notarization services. A list can be found at the Law Society of Upper Canada website.

How much do notary public services in Ottawa cost?

Notarization of documents is within reach for most people. An initial document costs $15 while subsequent ones only $10 each. Other notary services could prove less expensive; mobile notaries typically start from $200+ for their services.

Finding a notary public in Ottawa

There are various approaches for finding an official notary public in Ottawa. Here are a few of the more frequently used approaches:

  • Locate The Yellow Pages under “Notaries Public.”
  • Contact friends and relatives if they know of any notaries public in your area.
  • Make sure to connect with the chamber of commerce in your region.
  • Reach Out to the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Before selecting any method of notarization, always inquire into its associated costs in order to avoid unexpected fees or surprises. It is also essential that you select a reliable notary public as there have been instances of fraudulent activities over time; recommendations from family and friends or searching online should help. Once you’ve located one near you, set an appointment and bring any documents required for certification or witnessing with you to this meeting.

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